Rich Saleh

Rich Saleh Principal Consultant

Rich is an analytics veteran with a reputation for delivering effective solutions to complex decision optimization problems involving very large volumes of data. Rich pioneered some important developments in the field of Hotel and Airline Pricing Optimization while working at Talus Solutions for which he holds a joint patent with Talus's then-CEO Dr. Robert Phillips.

Rich was Director of Pricing and Revenue Optimization at Travelocity where he worked closely with the Sabre Research team led by Barry Smith to develop and implement custom optimization solutions tailored to the unique needs of an online travel retailer that were credited with driving millions in incremental revenue for Travelocity. These solutions earned a finalist nomination to the prestigious Franz Endelman award for achievements in Operations Research.

After founding Mazliah Analytics, Rich has consulted extensively for Tripadvisor on a variety of analytics projects including developing personalized recommendation systems that leverage advanced SQL techniques and have now been ported to Hadoop/Hive to work with an ever growing customer base. At Mazliah, Rich also developed algorithms for a major entertainment company which will be transforming how people experience theme parks. Rich holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations research from the University of Michigan and a Master's in Engineering Economics Systems from Stanford University.

Hongyi Qu

Hongyi Qu Senior Data Scientist

Hongyi brings forward a strong analytical skill set that enables our clients to solve extremely challenging problems combining analytics and software engineering skills. Hongyi is able to break down complex problems into smaller pieces and then lead a team to tackle the challenge in a very innovative way. He has led a number of engagements leveraging: OLAP Cube design via SQL Server Analysis Service; Data reporting via SQL Server / Report builder / Excel Pivot tables; Recommender System via collaborative filtering; Data analysis via Apache Hive;Propensity analysis via JMP. While in university, his research interests included optimizing TL/LTL transportation cost of the Otis supply chain system and pandemic influenza simulation software development. Hongyi prides himself in being able to understand a business project and quickly learn new technologies.

Hongyi holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Georgia Tech, and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University (the top Engineering University in China).

Nick Horne

Nick Horne Data Analytics Consultant

Nick has a strong background in operations research and business consulting and is able to quickly understand the business problem and identify the technical blueprint to develop a solution. He works closely with our clients in the public relations arena helping them understand how to use data analytics to tell a compelling story. Nick is an instrumental member of the team bringing forward a background involving: machine learning; CRM optimization; SQL programming; recommendation systems.

His prior experience with Coca-Cola involved a cost savings of $2 million annually by implementing new supply planning algorithms. He also provided financial analysis to senior management in the carbonated soft drink category pricing and planning team. Nick also engaged with Auto Trader and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Nick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Supply Chain from Georgia Tech.

Sanjeev Singh

Sanjeev Singh Data Analytics Developer

Sanjeev has a strong background in Operations Research, Probabilistic Modeling and Large scale data analytics. Prior to Mazliah, Sanjeev worked with Oracle to develop/maintain applications related to supply chain management.

Sanjeev holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Operations Research from Purdue University, and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee.

Zach Laguna

Zach Laguna Data Scientist

Zach’s analytical background and business acumen combine to maintain an understanding of our clients’ objectives while mining relevant data for actionable insights. As a former BI consultant, he ensures business context is never lost; this is especially important as he absorbs intricacies of varying enterprise data and learns forefront technologies to implement efficient solutions. His passion for visualization and knack for detail particularly help us effectively communicate our results to stakeholders.

When he isn’t wading through troves of data, you’d typically find Zach grilling out at Turner Field, wandering through Piedmont Park, or catching a flick at the local theater.

Zach holds a Bachelor’s degree from the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech.

Arash Einolghozati

Arash Einolghozati Data Scientist

Arash is our expert in Machine Learning and Applied Statistics. He is an Electrical Engineering Phd candidate at Georgia Tech. Arash has presented his work in prestigious conferences such as International Symposium on Information Theory and IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, and Conference on Information Science and Systems.

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